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Optimal incubation time for in vitro hemocompatibility testing
HaemoScan's latest publication addressing the required incubation time for in vitro hemocompatibility experiments. Read More ›

AMI Conference: Medical Tubing & Medical Fluid Bags
HaemoScan spoke about haemocompatibility testing for Medical Tubing & Medical Fluid Bags. Read More ›

New Website
Over the last months we've been working on a new website, with a responsive design and up-to-date information! Read More ›

Our AP50 and CH50 test kits have been improved
Continuous development of our AP50 and CH50 test kits has let to an improved shelf life, from four to six weeks! In addition, the quality of the preserved red blood cells has improved. Read More ›

ISO 9001:2015 – Successful transition audit
HaemoScan B.V. is proud to announce that it successfully passed the transition audit of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. Read More ›

R&D grant by SNN and Province Groningen
HaemoScan continuously attempts to improve (international) biomedical standards and measurement techniques by researching and developing alternative methods. Such projects are partially financed by the Dutch organization “Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland” (SNN) as part of the “Koers Noord” program, as well as by the province Groningen as part of the “Innovatief Actieprogramma Groningen-4”. Read More ›