HaemoScan is innovative in the field of biomarker analysis and has developed many assays to measure organ stress. HaemoScan has years of experience in the field of surgery, cardiology, nephrology, sport, and rehabilitation.

HaemoScan is a leading company in haemocompatibity research and development of circulating-blood test models. We have experience in testing medical devices with blood contact experiments in order to obtain CE and FDA certification. Haemocompatibility testing >>

HaemoScan offers various products for your research department.

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Medical device testing

We are specialized in testing haemocompatibility of medical devices according to ISO 10993-4 in order to obtain CE or FDA certification.


Clinical bio-analytical evaluation

We can handle large batches and can perform multiple analyses on the same samples. We give support in reporting and interpreting results.


Pharmaceuticals and blood compatibility

Test the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals. HaemoScan tests human or animal coagulation, inflammation, organ, tissue, and other blood responses.


Research and development

HaemoScan is known for its innovative research. We are open for development of new products and haemocompatibility or biomarker assays.


ISO 9001 - Successfully prolonged until 2018!

HaemoScan is re-certified for ISO 9001:2008 for a second period of three years.


New ELISA for the brain injury marker

Neuroketal is thought to be a highly specific marker for (oxidative) brain injury and can cause brain injury by itself.