HaemoScan is an independent contract research organization with specialized testing facilities for hemocompatibility testing and for biomarker analysis. We provide pre-clinical in vitro testing for blood contacting medical devices and new drug candidates, helping companies gain more insight into there product or obtain approval to bring their products quickly to market. Besides services we also provide a limited range of products. Based on our in-house developed methods we sell test kits that can assess the interaction between blood and biomaterials and test kits that can assess innate immunity activity (complement activity).

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing services and products that meet and preferably exceed all customer requirements, applicable standards and specifications. Our quality policy is designed to continually secure and improve our services and products. The value we deliver comes from the capabilities of our staff who have the experience, training, and credentials to deliver high-quality services and products. We have a robust quality management system and are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which is regularly audited by DNV-GL. You can download a copy of our certificate here.


Dr. Willem van Oeveren LinkedIn Profile
Dr. van Oeveren
Wim van Oeveren is chief executive officer and owner of HaemoScan. He obtained his MSc in medical Biology and his PhD in medical sciences. Following his PhD he was the head of the blood interaction research (BIR) laboratory at the University Medical Center Groningen. As an associate professor he has published over 200 scientific articles and has guided more than 20 PhD students. Dr. van Oeveren is an expert on hemocompatibility research and is nominated by the Dutch standardization institute (NEN) as representative for the Technical Committee ISO/TC 194 who prepares the International Standard ISO 10993-4.

Dr. ir. Gerwin E. Engels LinkedIn Profile
Dr.ir. Engels
The function of chief operating officer is performed by Gerwin Engels. He has a background in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering and has obtained his PhD in medical sciences. Besides being responsible for the daily operation of the company Dr. Engels is a senior scientist at HaemoScan. His interests are the development and improvement of in vitro blood flow models and the design and development of point of care diagnostics.