AMI Conference: Medical Tubing & Medical Fluid Bags

HaemoScan spoke about haemocompatibility testing for Medical Tubing & Medical Fluid Bags.

The event offered the medical fluid containment industry the chance to look at the latest advances in polymers, additives and compounds, which are driving more complex product designs including choices and plastics options, film extrusion technologies, plus more complex and competitive bag production techniques (2-5 October 2018, Woburn, MA, United States). This year’s conference was build upon the most pressing issues, taking a deeper dive into topics focusing on new advances in fluid containment supply chains to improve patient care, the latest performance materials, selection criteria, security and customization in competitive production processes.

HaemoScan was invited by Applied Market Information Ltd to speak about haemocompatibility and thrombogenicity testing necessary for Medical Tubing & Medical Fluid Bags.

More information about the conferences can be found here:

AMI Medical Tubing Conference / AMI Medical Fluid Bags Conference