R&D grant by SNN and Province Groningen

HaemoScan continuously attempts to improve (international) biomedical standards and measurement techniques by researching and developing alternative methods. Such projects are partially financed by the Dutch organization “Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland” (SNN) as part of the “Koers Noord” program, as well as by the province Groningen as part of the “Innovatief Actieprogramma Groningen-4”.

The goal of this project is to further research and develop the design of a quantitative platelet function test (PFT) and validate it for point-of-care-test (POCT) use, and to screen and monitor patients at risk of either thrombosis or excessive bleeding. Despite the evident need to monitor platelet function in several large patient groups, there is no widely accepted quantitative PFT available. Futhermore, current tests are not sufficiently accurate to deliver quantitative results or are complicated in their use.

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