Research and Development

HaemoScan is known for its innovative research. With its roots in the academic world, HaemoScan is always busy developing its methods. Besides improving our existing methods we are alos working on new technologies.



The Haemobile is our own developed system for in-vitro haemocompatibility testing. Major advantages as compared to other in-vitro test systems are: pulsatile flow, less induced blood trauma, less blood-air contact and higher flow rates.

In our second iteration of the model the amount the flow can be set by adjusting the stroke and the pulses/s of the Haemobile. Read more >>


Point of care organ injury markers

Our laboratory methods are a suitable starting point for developing point-of-care testing methods. In 2011 we, together with the department of surgery of the UMCG and Feldbrugge Prototyping, received an IAG grant to develop a point-of-care test for measuring intestinal injury, among others. Now, the beginning of 2014, a prototype is ready which will first be implemented on department of neonatology of the UMCG for further validation. Read more >>


This project received financial support from the European Community, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the province of Groningen, Innovatief Actieprogramma Groningen-3 (IAG 3).