Organ and Tissue Injury

In addition to functional blood tests, HaemoScan has a wide range of biomarker assays. Organ- and tissue injury can be due to different origins, such as metabolic, mechanical, immunological or ischemic causes and can be measured at the early stages of injury.



Acute phase proteins   


Benefits of biomarkers in blood or urine

Biomarkers are gaining popularity because of their early release and the possibility for  non-invasive analysis of human health. HaemoScan has been involved in multiple studies with diverse topics, such as intensive care medicine, sports medicine and rehabilitation. HeamoScan is specialized in developing new methods for measuring biomarkers in small amounts of biological fluids, such as whole blood, plasma or urine, making fast and non-invasive measurements possible.


Clinical evaluation

Because of our large number of different tests we are able to perform multiple analysis on one sample resulting in a complete evaluation of organ- and tissue injury of one patient. Ask for advice >>